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Tar River Timing (TRT) was founded by Scott Wingfield and Michael Forrester.  Scott and Michael are  close friends and founding members and officers of the Rocky Mount Endurance Club.  Our focus with TRT is to provide accurate and timely race results for your event. 

Although new to the timing business, Scott and Michael have been involved with over 25 cumulative events in the past five years including the successful Medoc Trail Races.  Being family men who are active in our local communities, we are looking to carefully grow our business while still placing a premium on the time spent with our families.  This approach will create limited availability, however if we are unable to time your event we will gladly refer you to some other experienced event timing businesses in your area.​​​


The third "partner" with Tar River Timing is IPICO Sports.  IPICO Sports’ next-generation tracking and timing solutions are developed by IPICO Inc. IPICO has succeeded in the RFID sports market due to its unique technology based on the IP-X™ RFID Air-interface Communication Protocol. This technology was developed to overcome the limitations faced by conventional Reader-Talk-First (RTF) protocols in the market. In addition, the patented Dual Frequency technology eliminates signal loss and tag read collision. The Dual Frequency technology works especially well for objects high in liquid, carbon and electronic content, such as the human body. The complimentary superiority of these technologies provides the ability to read multiple tags while dealing with motion, distance, crowding, demanding environmental conditions and a variety of materials – all variables commonly found at many sports activities. Since an initial market introduction in March 2007, IPICO Sports systems are now used in over forty (40) countries, and continue to develop and grow a loyal following throughout the globe.


Scott is an accomplished endurance runner and a co-director of the Medoc Trail Races.  He has completed over 15 marathons and also some ultra events.  His most challenging accomplishment was completing the Uwharrie Mountain Run 40-Miler. . . twice.


Michael has directed over 15 races as the president of the Tar River Running Company.   He also serves as president of the Rocky Mount Endurance Club.  He has completed marathons in nine different states and continues to add more each year.  Like Scott he has a passion for running and strives to deliver a true "runner first" experience with every race he directs.

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